Thursday, January 21, 2010

T-Rex Walk update

Hello all,

Just an update on that walk as per Liron's critique, i think i got it, but if y'all have any further critiques, please let me know!

thanks again!


::Link to full size video::


Wayne Parker said...

Beavan, this looks great man. I just kept looking at the smoothness and interaction of the tail and head animation. Nice stuff

Wayne Parker said...

Just saw the previous post. Yeah, the head bop and slightly whipping tail, makes this work really well.

Beavan Blocker said...

Thanks Wayne!!!

Nick said...

I think you need a run cycle, and then cut to jeff goldblum in the back of the jeep saying must go faster. :D

Looks good though, the little overlap things you added are working really well.

Wayne Parker said...

Nah, he needs the man with the "bowler cap" futiley pushing a remote control to control it.