Wednesday, January 13, 2010

T-Rex walk (WIP)

Hey all, just a quick walk cycle for giggles (and hopefully i can get it up to snuff to put on my Reel)

here is a link to the full size video: LINK


Liron Topaz said...

Hey Beaven,

That's cool.. i haven't seen a T-rex walk cycle at school :)

I think he could use a lot more weight.. these things are quiet heavy :D I would spread the legs a bit, so he doesn't walk on such a narrow line.. like models. I really like the tail and the cog going side to side. Maybe a little more bounce on the head, and add some hip rotation back and forth. I would vary the up and down on the main body. Like.. it would probably take him longer to go up than to go down. Again, think of the weight.. i think that would really help to sell that. Looking good. How's thesis treatin' ya?

Betsy Bauer said...

I don't know where you found time for this, but it's really cool!

Beavan Blocker said...

Thanks Liron!!!!

i really appreciate the crit :)

Thesis is going well, unfortunately had a lot of story changes towards the end of last semester so anim. isn't where i want it to be, we've just started lighting and texturing in earnest so once I've got that at a pretty good level I'll go back to animating, how's everything treating you on the coast?!

Kim Hazel said...

WOAH! Where did you find this rig? He's awesome! :)

Beavan Blocker said...

hey Kim! the rig is Alan Zaborski's it's one of the characters from his thesis, he lent it to me so i could do a couple of animation exercises with it, if you want it just shoot him an e-mail, I'm sure he'd be obliging :)

Beavan Blocker said...
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