Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Moonbot App "The Numberlys" Released Today!


Today we released the next storybook App from Moonbot studios, THE NUMBERLYS!!!'s Geek Dad says:
Moonbot has gone directly to their film-making roots with this production of The Numberlys. It opens with amazing landscape tracking shots of the Numberly city, a visual and audio spectacular that provides an animated industrialism and uniformity of which Lang would approve. The narrative is cute and whimsical and delivered in an upbeat generic European accent. In the opening of the app, the narrative appears as written text which is read by the narrator in-between these epic scenes of an industrial city, workers marching through dense city landscapes, working in factories, creating numbers – cogs turning, hammers hammering, conveyor belts moving numbers along the production line. The setting is clear.


We all hope that you guys will check out the app, and hope even more that you will enjoy it!

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